14 Muharram, 1440
Monday 24 September 2018

Policies and Procedures

Here you will find some of the school policies and procedures that the school adheres to, You will need Adobe Reader to read these. Double click on the links to open.


  1. Safeguarding Policy Lote_Tree_Primary_Safeguarding_Policy_Updated_MAY_2018.docx
  2. Peer on Peer Abuse Policy May 2018 Lote_Tree_Primary_Peer_on_Peer_Abuse_Policy2017-2018.docx
  3. Sexting Policy May 2018 Lote_Tree_Primary_Sexting_Policy2017-2018.docx
  4. Attendance Policy Lote_Tree_Primary_Attendance_Policy_May_2018.docx
  5. Complaints Policy - Lote_Tree_Primary_Complaints_Procedure_2017_-_2018.doc
  6. Children Missing in Education Policy - Lote_Tree_Primary_Children_Missing_in_Education_Policy_2017_v1.doc
  7. Anti-Bullying policy LoteTree_Primary_Anti-bullying_Policy_2017_-_2018.doc
  8. E-Safety Policy Lote_Tree_Primary_E-Safety_Policy_May_2017_-_2018.doc
  9. Acceptable Use Agreement acceptable_use_for_staff_governorsMay2018.docx
  10.  Behaviour Policy   Lote_Tree_Primary_Behaviour_Policy_2017-2018V1.doc
  11. Health and Safety Policy Lote_Tree_Primary_Health_and_Safety_Policy_2017_-_2018.doc
  12. First Aid Policy  Lote_Tree_Primary_First_Aid_Policy_2017_-_2018.doc
  13. Prevent Policy Lote_Tree_Primary_No_Platform_Policy_for_Schools_Sept_2016.doc
  14. see GDPR tab 

Copies of the above policies and other Procedures and Policies can be requested from the admin office.